On July 14, 2021, our assistant professor Dr. Anthony Lam presented his latest findings on Relationship between Korean Language and Chiuchowese as part of the study that sought to connect the Korean language with different Chinese dialects. Fr. Isaac Noh of Korean Missionary Society was also invited as a speaker to discuss the key elements of modern Korean language.

New Degree Programme: BA (Hons) in MDIT

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new undergraduate degree programme – BA (Hons) in Media Design and Immersive Technology (MDIT) – starting this September! This programme equips students with professional knowledge and techniques in immersive technologies, and helps them develop analytical, critical and ethical thinking abilities for future VR/AR market, research study and start-up.

JMC Talk: Commercial Photography in Digital Era

Our final JMC Talk of this academic year was delighted to have invited six leading commercial photographers in town to the Jockey Club Multimedia Production on April 13, 2021. The speakers, all of them from the Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photographers (HKIPP), shared with hundreds of students their visions and experiences in the client-serving field of the industry.

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