Minor Programmes at SYU

To enrich the learning experience and employability of our students, the University started offering undergraduate minor programmes in the academic year of 2016/17. Students have the option to study another subject, broaden their level of expertise, and enhance their prospects of future career development.

For students of Year 1 entry can express their interest in pursuing a minor during the second semester (by 31 January of the year). For students of Year 2/3 Entry can express their interest in pursuing a minor upon admissions in late August. Students must at least achieve 15 credits to pass a minor programme. Please refer to the Guidance Notes on Minor Programmes for more details.

Minor Programme Requirements

  1. The minimum credit requirement for a Minor is 15 and each student is required to take at least one Minor course at Level 3 or 4.
  2. No GPA requirement needed for declaring a Minor.
  3. Each student can study at most one Minor.

Minor Programme offered by the Department of Journalism and Communication for Students in Other Departments

Students are required to complete a minimum of 15 credits with 2 compulsory courses and 3 courses out of the 10 courses offered:

Course code Course Title Credits Pre-requisite(s)
Compulsory (2 courses)
 JOUR100 Introduction to Journalism and Mass Communication 3 NIL

 JOUR 221


 JOUR 303

News Reporting and Writing in Chinese I
English News Writing and Reporting
3 JOUR100
Choose 3 out of 10 courses
JOUR130 Digital Photojournalism 3  NIL
JOUR201 Audio-Video Production 3 NIL
JOUR260 Computer Graphic Design and Publishing 3 NIL
JOUR341 Digital News and Information Production 3 JOUR221 or  JOUR303
JOUR350  Feature Writing 3 JOUR221 or  JOUR303
JOUR395 Social Media and Networked Communication 3 NIL
JOUR460 Digitization and Interactive Multimedia 3 NIL
PRA330 Advertising Strategies and Design 3 NIL
PRA450  Risk and Crisis Communication 3 NIL
MDIT220 Understanding VR/AR 3 NIL

For more details, please click [On or before 2020/21 AY] (or) [2021/22 AY onwards].



(1) JOUR221 “News Reporting and Writing in Chinese I” will be recoded to JOUR206 “News Reporting and Writing in Chinese”

       in AY2023/24.

(2) JOUR350 “Feature Writing” will be recoded to JOUR304 in AY2024/25. 

BJMC Students to Study Minor Programmes Offered by Other Departments

Students may specialize in other subject areas to increase their competitive edge upon completion of different minor programmes. 

Department Minor Programmes Offered

Minor in Accounting
[On or before 2018/19 AY]
[2019/20 AY onwards]

Economics and Finance Minor in Economics

Minor in Finance
Counselling and Psychology Minor in Psychology
Sociology Minor in Sociology
Social Work Minor in Social Work
Chinese Language and Literature Minor in Chinese Language and Literature
[On or before 2019/20 AY]
[2020/21 AY onwards]
English Language and Literature Minor in Literary and Cultural Studies

Minor in Linguistics and Translation
History  Minor in History
Business Administration Minor in Business Administration
[On or before 2017/18 AY]
[2018/19 AY onwards]

Minor in Entrepreneurship
[2021/22 AY onwards]

# These Undergraduate Minor Programmes will not lead to the same professional recognition as students who complete the programmes as a major.