Introduction of Concentrations (applicable to students admitted in or after 2022-2023)
Student will make their choice of concentration among 1) Digital Journalism, 2) Public Relations and Advertising, and 3) Visual Production and New Media. The concentration aims to provide a better mapping of how different fields of study are integrated and help students matching their learning paths with future career paths upon their completion of four-year study.


Digital Journalism

The Digital Journalism concentration aims to equip students with essential knowledge and techniques to face the challenges provoked by the ever-changing, digitalized journalistic and communication working contexts. Students who opt for this concentration would have the opportunity to further enhance their understanding of how the digitization of communication process dynamically influences journalistic practices today. 

Required courses
JOUR 300 News Editing
JOUR 341 Digital News and Information Production
Elective   (Choose 3 from 7)
JOUR 320  News translation
JOUR 342 Data Journalism and AR Enhanced News
JOUR 380  Business Reporting and Analysis
JOUR 400 Editorial and Commentary Writing
JOUR 421 Enterprise Journalism
JOUR 480 China Reporting
MDIT 210 Human Centered UX / UI Design

Public Relations and Advertising

The Public Relations and Advertising concentration aims to nurture future professionals and talents in public relations, corporate communications, advertising, and digital communications. Through professional training in problem-solving, strategic planning, and the execution of digital communications techniques, students who opt for this concentration would have the opportunity to deliver audience-focused communications strategies and solutions in the technologically driven media landscape.

Required courses
PRA 320  Public Relations Disciplines in the Digital World
PRA 330 Advertising Strategies and Design
Elective   (Choose 3 from 7)
PRA 340 Event Management
PRA 310 Advertising Copywriting
PRA 350 Public Relations Writing for Online and Offline Contexts
PRA 430 Audio-Visual Production in PRA
PRA 440 Advertising Agency Account Planning
PRA 450 Risk and Crisis Communication
PRA 470 Financial Public Relations

Visual Production and New Media


The Visual Production and New Media concentration aims to provide students with a solid foundation of audio-visual production training together with the elements of new media such as online communication application, computer graphic and animation design as well as uses of immersive technology. Students will be offered professional training on content production of both fiction (e.g. drama, entertainment and creative media) and non-fiction (e.g. news feature and documentary) nature. They will also enhance their skills in developing creative idea and applying them across conventional and digital platforms.

Required courses
JOUR 301 Intermediate Audio-Visual Production
JOUR 395 Social Media and Networked Communication
Elective   (Choose 3 from 7)
JOUR 260 Computer Graphic Design & Publishing
JOUR 390 Computer Animation in Journalism & Communications
JOUR 431 Script Writing
JOUR 460 Digitization and Interactive Multimedia
JOUR 490 Documentary and Digital Production
MDIT 320 VR/AR Application Development
MDIT 420  Game Engines for Game Development