Programme Aims 

The Programme Aims of BJMC are: 
  • To offer applied journalism and mass communication education to those who seek to work in the media, public relations, advertising and other related fields; 
  • To provide students with training in the discipline and opportunities to study the theory and practice of journalism and mass communication in the age of digitization and convergence;  
  • To become one of the leading establishments in higher education in Hong Kong in the discipline of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes 

Upon completion of the Prorgrammes, students will be able to:
  • Demonstrate a detailed understanding of the roles and responsibilities of professionals in journalism and communication, with a focus on the value of truth, accuracy and fairness;  
  • Apply critical thinking skills to the mass media; 
  • Apply their understanding of the role of the media responsibly for the good of the community; 
  • Analyze the structure and dynamics of contemporary mass media and its impact on society; 
  • Undertake empirical research for communication studies; 
  • Actively champion ethical journalism; 
  • Apply skills in journalistic writing and editorial work to media reporting; 
  • Apply appropriate media technology independently and skillfully.