Philip Kwong (Graduated in 2017) 

Philip Kwong, an alumnus of Hong Kong Shue Yan University (HKSYU), holds a Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication from HKSYU and a Master of Public Management from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST).

Throughout his tenure at HKSYU, Philip immersed himself in the realm of Media and Journalism, meticulously honing his skills in news reporting, broadcasting, and news production. The university’s comprehensive curriculum and hands-on experiences provided him with a robust foundation in journalistic principles, ethical reporting, and effective communication.

Upon graduation from HKSYU, Philip embarked on a dynamic career in the media industry, working in various media organizations such as HK01, NowTV, Hong Kong Economic Times, Ming Pao, Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK), and had an internship in mainland China with Radio Beijing Traffic News Channel. Through these experiences, he further refined his abilities as a reporter, host, and news anchor, covering a diverse range of topics, including education affairs and local news.

Notably, Philip worked as a reporter and news anchor at Phoenix TV, where he delivered local and international news and engaged in insightful analysis of current events. This exposure fortified his aptitude for effective communication with diverse audiences and deepened his commitment to delivering accurate and impactful news stories.

Currently, Philip serves as Assistant Manager in the Global Engagement & Communications Office at HKUST, where he oversees the management of public relations and media relations. Leveraging his expertise in higher education, stakeholder management, and press relations, Philip contributes significantly to enhancing the university’s reputation and fostering effective engagement with the media.

Philip attributes much of his professional success to the solid foundation provided by HKSYU. The university’s unwavering commitment to academic excellence and emphasis on critical thinking and ethical reporting have profoundly influenced his professional values and ethics.

Philip’s message:

“Grateful for the transformative knowledge, skills, and experiences gained during my time at HKSYU, I remain dedicated to upholding the university’s values and making a positive impact in different fields. I eagerly anticipate staying connected with the HKSYU community, collaborating with fellow alumni, and actively contributing to the advancement of media and communication. My journey as an alumnus of

HKSYU exemplifies the university’s commitment to fostering talented individuals who make substantial contributions to the media industry and society at large.”

鄺曉斌 (2017年畢業生)