Patrick Cheung (Graduated in 2009)

I have more than 15 years of experience as a journalist and previously served as the political editor of the influential Hong Kong Economic Journal. During my time in journalism, I gained recognition as the lead writer of the renowned political gossip column, "Hong Kong Pulse," which became a must-read item among politicians in the city.
"Daring the impossible, embracing change" is one of my mottos. After over a decade in the journalism industry, I've boldly transitioned to the public relations field, continuing my journey in a different capacity.
Currently serving at the Hong Kong Tourism Board as Senior Manager, Communication, I'm responsible for external communications, particularly in promoting and marketing local mega events to enrich visitor experience. I aim to cement Hong Kong's reputation as the "events capital" and market the city as a world-class travel destination to diverse audiences.
Whether in media or public relations, communication skills are indispensable. Leveraging my extensive journalism background, I excel at conveying concise, clear and accurate messages from a unique professional perspective, while helping the media understand the role and positioning of the Tourism Board.
Patrick's message:
The brief years of university campus life, once gone, cannot be regained. To achieve a life without regrets within the limited time and space, it would be best to set aside the rigid conventions and fully explore your own potential, unleashing endless possibilities. 


擁有超過 15 年新聞工作經驗,主力報道政治新聞,足跡遍佈報章、網媒、電視台,曾於《信報財經新聞》出任政治組組長,期內主理城中著名政治分析專欄《余錦賢》並出任主筆,該專欄是本地政界人士每天必讀內容之一。





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