Lierence Li (Graduated in 2009)
Lierence Li, a graduate of Hong Kong Shue Yan University's Journalism and Communication program, has successfully leveraged the skills and knowledge acquired during his studies to forge a thriving career in the marketing communications industry. Since completing his degree, Lierence has gained extensive experience working with a variety of respected organizations and has even ventured into entrepreneurship.
In 2020, Lierence founded Market Hubs Intelligences Limited, now known as Market Hubs Holdings Limited, where he currently holds the position of Managing Director. The company specializes in providing tailored AI PR and marketing solutions to a diverse clientele, including government entities, exhibition organizers, chambers, and associations. Lierence's entrepreneurial spirit also led him to establish Hong Kong Toycar Salon in 2021, an annual event that serves as a platform for toycar enthusiasts and brands to connect and interact.
Throughout his professional journey, Lierence has held key roles in several prominent companies. He served as a Media Relations Manager at Global Sources, where he developed and executed group marketing communication strategies, managed projects, and cultivated strong relationships with clients and media contacts. Additionally, Lierence worked at Qianhai International Liaison Services Limited and Mazarine Asia Pacific, further honing his skills in the field.
Lierence's career in the marketing communications industry began with his role as a reporter at Sing Tao Daily and other media, where he refined his journalism skills by conducting in-depth interviews and drafting articles on the property market.
Lierence's message:
"As I reflect on my time at Hong Kong Shue Yan University, I am deeply grateful for the comprehensive education and practical experiences I gained. The well-rounded curriculum, enriching study tours, and valuable internships equipped me with the essential skills and knowledge that have proven to be invaluable throughout my career. The guidance and support provided by my esteemed professors have had a profound impact on my personal and professional development, enabling me to confidently navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the marketing communications industry.
I am sincerely appreciative of the robust foundation that HKSYU has provided me, as it has played a pivotal role in shaping my career trajectory. The experiences and lessons garnered during my time at the university continue to serve me well to this day, and I take immense pride in being an alumnus of this distinguished institution."


畢業於香港樹仁大學新聞與傳播學系,李鑒泉畢業先後任職包括星島報業等多間傳媒,隨後轉職公關及傳訊行業,加入天機亞太集團並晉升至公關經理,客戶包括世界旅遊經濟論壇、澳門美高梅、信德集團、大昌行集團、怡邦行、Kitchen Infinity、網龍網絡等。Lierence獲邀加入前海管理局駐港辦事機構工作處理前海對港的宣傳工作,為他期後於展覽集團擔任公關主管奠定基礎,Lierence負責集團企業傳訊以及對外事務,並策劃香港、印尼、南非及巴西商貿展的公關宣傳。

2020年Lierence創立三公控股,通過人工智能協助企業開展公關工作,同時通過線上線下活動達致目標效果,客戶包括環球資源、前海管理局、展覽集團、香港貿發局、ComplexCon Hong Kong、Storefriendly儲存易、廣汽集團、香港菁英會、生產力局等。Lierence亦運用他的知識及經驗,於2021年創辦全港最大型模型車展「香港車仔展」,每年參觀人數逾萬人,說好香港故事。