Kaping Lam (Graduated in 2011)

Kaping Lam is an RTHK multimedia principal reporter covering Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese news, focusing on current events related to labour and welfare.
Her media career began when she enrolled in the Journalism and Communication program at Shue Yan University in 2007. She graduated in 2011 and joined the news departments of two local radio stations, Commercial Radio and RTHK. 
Throughout her career, Kaping has delved into various social issues, with her multiple journalistic awards serving as a testament to her commitment to public service through journalism. One such instance is her piece titled “Live the Hong Kong Way - I Live in a Cube,” which tells the story of a 6-year-old girl residing with her parents in a subdivided flat. This news story was a catalyst in raising awareness about the issue of “intergenerational poverty” in Hong Kong, and was honored with the Best Narration/Gold Radio Winner at the 2014 New York Festival. 
Another notable story for Kaping was a 10-minute audio feature news segment titled “Forgotten Little Victims” (《虐隱‧虐現》) that exposed hidden child abuse cases and the flaws within the government’s child protection policy. The story won several awards, including the ABU Prize at the New York Festival, the CUHK Journalism Award, and the HKBU Chang Kuo‐sin Award.
These awards serve as encouragement for Kaping to strive for professional excellence and contribute to Hong Kong society in her own small way. Delivering meaningful news and uncovering social injustices is more than just a job but also her passion, and she gained great satisfaction as a journalist through her dedication to the profession.      
In addition to in-depth reporting on social issues, Kaping has also served as a reporter for the RTHK Beijing News Center, where she covered news related to various topics in mainland China and participated in coverage of the annual sessions of the National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. 
Kaping’s message:
“I’m deeply grateful to Hong Kong Shue Yan University for giving me the opportunity to pursue a career in journalism. The diverse curriculum, ranging from theoretical courses to various practical ones, has equipped me well to become a media professional. I carry the values and lessons I learned from my alma mater at every step of my career.”

家萍曾獲多個新聞獎項肯定,其中包括《活在香港 -我住劏房》,報道講述一個6歲女童的「劏房」成長故事,榮獲2014年紐約節最佳敘述金獎。