Kin Ming, Fong (Graduated in 2015)

Henry Fong, graduated from Hong Kong Shue Yan University in 2015 with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. His journey from an university student to industry professional has been both dynamic and inspiring.
Currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Hong Kong University, expected to graduate in 2025, Henry continues to expand his knowledge and expertise. His professional journey began as a Lifestyle Tech Reporter at local Newspaper, where he honed his skills in media relations and content development. This role set the stage for his subsequent positions at Razer Inc., where he steadily climbed the ranks from PR Executive to his current role as Business Development Manager.
At Razer, Henry became an esports professional and has been dealing with different corporations for events and tournaments management, meanwhile he also worked with Hong Kong Government to provide input on the esports policy. 
Henry assumed different roles including PR, Brand Marketing, Product Marketing and Business Development during his Razer journey. As a Business Development Manager today, he has expanded his expertise from Esports professional to FinTech and Payment industry. Henry demonstrated exceptional leadership and strategic thinking, particularly in his efforts to expand the "Razer Gold" gaming payment platform globally. His ability to forge partnerships, manage complex projects, and support his team on various initiatives has been instrumental in the company's success. 
Henry's message:
“Studying Journalism and Mass Communication at Shue Yan University was a transformative experience for me. The diverse curriculum and hands-on experiences, such as my internship at Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB), allowed me to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, preparing me for the dynamic nature of the communication industry. The program not only equipped me with the technical skills necessary for a career in media and communication but also instilled in me a profound understanding of the power of storytelling and the importance of ethical journalism. I am very glad to be a graduate of Journalism and Mass Communication, which brought me a very wide range of expertise to start my career.”

方健銘 (2015年畢業生)
方健銘,於2015年畢業於香港樹仁大學新聞與傳播學系。目前,Henry 正在香港大學攻讀工商管理碩士學位(MBA),預計將於2025年畢業,並繼續擴展他的知識和專業技能。他的職業生涯始於本地中文報館擔任生活科技記者,學得媒體關係和內容撰寫的技能。這一角色為他在雷蛇(Razer Inc.)的工作奠定了基礎,從公關至現任的業務發展經理
在雷蛇,Henry 成為了一名電子競技專業人士,負責處理不同企業的活動和賽事管理,同時也與香港政府合作,就電子競技政策提供意見。在雷蛇的工作旅程中,他曾擔任過公關、品牌營銷、產品營銷和業務發展等多個角色。作為今天的業務發展經理,他的專業從電子競技擴展到了金融科技和支付行業。Henry 展示了卓越的領導力和戰略思維,特別是在全球擴展“Razer Gold”遊戲支付平台方面。他在建立合作夥伴關係、管理複雜項目以及支持團隊各項倡議方面的能力,對公司的成功起到了關鍵作用。