Conrad Chun Yuk, Lau (Graduated in 2015)

Conrad Lau's career in Journalism began with an internship at Asia Television followed by working part-time as a news anchor at DBC Radio. After graduating from university, he held positions at various media outlets, including Asia Television, Oriental Daily, Now TV, and TVB, gaining experience in both printed and electronic media. Currently, Conrad is a Principal reporter at TVB, focused on covering news related to disciplinary services and labor welfare.
Over the years as a journalist, Conrad has reported on a wide range of stories - from routine police press conferences and Bun festival in Cheung Chau, to interviews with high-ranking officials such as the Commissioner of Customs and Excise, the Commissioner of Independent Commission Against Corruption, and the Secretary for Security Bureau. He also represented TVB at forums analyzing the Chief Executive's policy address and government budgets. Additionally, he always stays on top of daily local news, uncovering issues of public interest, like the cases of Chan Tong-kai and the JPEX fraud, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic related happenings.
Beyond desk-based reporting, Conrad Lau has also been on the ground, covering events like typhoons and the 2019 riot, facing challenging conditions such as the threat of tear gas and petrol bombs. Conrad Lau also stationed in Guangzhou and Beijing, bringing engaging stories and insights about Mainland to viewers. He has even accompanied the Chief Executive on his visits to ASEAN countries.

Conrad’s message:
"My education at Hong Kong Shue Yan University opened the door for me to enter the media industry. The four-year program broadened my horizons and instilled in me the proper attitude of a journalist - to report facts objectively, uncover the truth persistently, and report news to the audience fearlessly, regardless of risks and difficulties. The guidance given and personal experiences shared by my professors have been an invaluable resource throughout my career. They are pioneers in the media industry, and trailblazers who have made significant contributions to Hong Kong society."

劉俊鈺 (2015年畢業生)
劉俊鈺2014年實習加入亞洲電視,之後在DBC電台任兼職新聞主播。大學畢業後,他在報章或電子媒體均有任職,包括亞洲電視、東方日報、Now TV及無綫電視。現為無綫電視首席記者,專注報道紀律部隊及勞工福利新聞。