Calvin Lam (Graduated in 2006)
Calvin Lam is a multi-talented professional based in Hong Kong, known for his dynamic roles as an MC, YouTuber, and trainer.
Calvin was born and raised in Hong Kong, developing an early interest in radio and performance. The dream of being a DJ inspired him to pursue a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. During his university years, Calvin was elected President of the Editorial Board, won numerous Best Debater awards in inter-collegiate competitions, and volunteered at various university events. All these knowledge and experiences prepared him for his future slasher life.
Calvin's journey as an Emcee began in his second year of university, and in his fourth year, he hosted the first TV show. After graduating, he joined Asia Television and Commercial Radio as a presenter. Since then, Calvin has been hosting over 100 events yearly, specializing in the entertainment, corporate, government, NGO, and charity sectors. Drawing on the knowledge he had gained and the techniques he had honed in media and stage performance, he quickly made a name for himself in the industry.
As a graduate in mass communications, Calvin strives to redefine the boundaries between traditional and new media, blending broadcast and on-demand content in recent years. He reproduced a radio-style storytelling Podcast and revived an “ETV”-style content on YouTube. His channel, “Uncle Calvin Cantonese Class” has become a popular resource for toddlers in the global Cantonese-speaking community.
Calvin's expertise and passion for teaching have also made him a respected trainer, working with clients in property management, customer service, insurance, youth, and education sectors. He continues to give back to his alma mater, as a consultant for the students' radio practicum “SYU JCR”, and initiating workshops on public speaking, event emcee, and personal branding with the Office of Student Affairs.
Meanwhile, Calvin dedicated himself to community services, particularly in Emcee roles, voice-over work, and promoting volunteering. His contributions have been recognized with the Hong Kong Youth Service Award (HKFYG, 2013) and several other accolades.
Calvin’s message:
"My story has proven that enjoying U-life and studying hard were the keys to dreaming a dream. Professional training in Journalism and Mass Communications broadened my perspective and equipped me to overcome the challenges of the ever-changing media industry. Youngsters, let's imagine, let's fight!”

林偉豪 (2006年畢業生)

作為大眾傳播專業畢業生,林偉豪近年來致力於再定義傳統和新媒體之間的界限,融合廣播和點播內容。他製作廣播風格的講故事播客,並在影片平台YouTube上復刻教育電視風格短片內容。其頻道Uncle Calvin 廣東話教室已成為全球廣東話社群的熱門幼兒學習資源。