Apple Joyce So (Graduated in 2014)

Apple Joyce (AJ) graduated from the degree program of Journalism and Mass communication at Hong Kong Shue Yan University and kickstarted her career at Warner Bros. Discovery. Her academic training in audio and visual production opened the door for a transfer to Singapore, where she has since held various roles in the Media and Entertainment industry for eight years. While in Singapore, she furthered her education by earning a Master degree in Knowledge Management from Nanyang Technological University. AJ then transitioned to the technology sector and currently serves as the Marketing Operations Manager for the Southeast Asia B2B Marketing team at one of the world’s largest short-form video application platforms. Her journalism training has also enabled her to be a professional voice-over artist on the side.
 AJ's message:
“I always knew that a program in Mass Communication was the right fit for me, but I was uncertain about which specific path to pursue. This program provided me with a comprehensive overview of mass communication, enriched by professors and lecturers with extensive industry knowledge from diverse backgrounds. The hands-on coursework and invaluable internship opportunities helped me find my direction.”

蘇曉平(AJ)畢業於香港樹仁大學新聞及大眾傳播學士課程。她在華納兄弟探索公司開始了她的職業生涯,在港工作了兩年。2016年,影視製作的學術培訓及經驗為她開啟了轉調到新加坡的機會。自那以來,她在媒體及娛樂行業擔任了多個職位,已有八年之久。在新加坡期間,她進一步深造,獲得了南洋理工大學的知識管理碩士學位。隨後,AJ 轉向科技行業,於全球最大規模之一的短視頻應用平台擔任東南亞企業對企業營銷團隊的營運經理。新聞培訓還使她兼職成為一名專業的配音員。