Amanda Siu (Graduated in 2016)

As a Journalism graduate from Hong Kong Shue Yan University, Miss Amanda Siu embarked on her career with a journalist internship at Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB). Following the completion of her master’s studies, majoring in Public Policy and Management at City University Hong Kong, Amanda transitioned to the Marketing Communications field, where she has made significant contributions in some of the most prestigious and luxurious hotels in Hong Kong. Her professional journey includes notable roles at Kerry Hotel under Shangri-La Group, and Hotel ICON. Most recently, she held the position of Marketing Communications Manager at The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong, widely recognized as one of the world's most prestigious hotels.
Amanda's expertise extended beyond overseeing marketing and branding plans of hotels. She also played a significant role in content creation for MICHELIN starred restaurants and award-winning spa. Since 2024, Amanda has transitioned to the educational field and currently serves as the Corporate Marketing and Communications Manager at Asia International School Limited (AISL), a prominent provider of education services in Asia.
In her current role, Amanda is responsible for all marketing and branding initiatives across the 12 AISL Harrow schools in Asia. Her primary focus is ensuring the delivery of quality education at the highest standards to every student, promoting educational excellence for lifelong success and leadership.
Amanda's message:
“I am grateful for the opportunity to complete my undergraduate studies at Hong Kong Shue Yan University. Throughout my four-year journey, I have received invaluable guidance and professional advice from my esteemed lecturers and professors. Their mentorship has not only shaped my personality but also equipped me with the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitude to effectively apply what I have learned in my career.”


畢業於香港樹仁大學新聞與傳播學系,蕭敏熹曾於電視廣播有限公司任職實習新聞記者。及後她在香港城市大學攻讀公共行政學系碩士課程,自此便開展她在酒店傳訊推廣的職業生涯。敏熹曾於香港多所知名國際酒店任職,當中包括香港嘉里酒店、香格里拉集團、唯港薈酒店及全球頂尖酒店集團 – 香港麗思卡爾頓酒店。她在香港麗思卡爾頓酒店任職市場傳訊經理,為旗下的酒店房間、米芝蓮星級餐廳及屢獲殊榮的水療服務制訂及推廣全面的宣傳及品牌管理。