Prof. Raymond R. Wong donates HK$5 million for Journalism research

Hong Kong Shue Yan University is extremely grateful to have received a HK$5 million donation from veteran journalist and dedicated educator Prof. Raymond R. Wong, SBS, to promote media literacy and ethics through the newly established Dorothy Shen Wong Journalism Education Fund.

The fund, named in the loving memory of Prof.Wong’s late wife, will support research and education of the university’s Journalism and Communication Department. The research will focus on the development of Hong Kong’s electronic media, including the creation of a digital archive and the filming of a documentary. Both will be made available to the general public in phases.  

The two-year research will gather first-hand accounts of media veterans and relevant materials in a series of “History of TV News” through our digital archive. It will supplement the department’s initiatives to showcase media ethics via virtual reality, which allows our students to experience immersive learning and fortify their impression while having a bit of fun.  

Seasoned media experts will also be invited to host “Media Literacy Master Talk” seminars, which aim at helping secondary students to utilize our digital archive and analyze the challenges and opportunities of the media industry, while learning about the importance of media ethics.