JMC Talk
How to Become a Professional Manager and Entrepreneur
Date: Dec 5, 2023 (Tuesday)
Time: 2:45pm-4:30pm
Venue: Hong Kong Shue Yan University Research Complex RLG208
Mr. Arthur Chan
Founder and CEO
Language: Cantonese
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Arthur’s career has always revolved around "Globalization" ,"The Internet" , and"Startup" as key themes. After Arthur's graduation from the university (which was also not long after China joined the World Trade Organization), he participated in global supply chain management projects in China and gained experience in factory export trade. Subsequently, he even represented Fortune 500 clients and successfully implemented numerous production projects in China and various Asian countries.
Later on, Arthur switched his career path and joined iClick (ICLK: NASDAQ) - a Hong Kong-based startup - as an early member in 2009. He pioneered the Asian internet marketing platform and became the General Manager for iClick in Hong Kong in 2014. In 2016, Arthur moved to the big data company Vpon as the Group COO, assisting the company in its globalization efforts. During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, he successfully facilitated a $40 million Series C funding for the company in Japan and South Korea. This helped Vpon establish its presence in several Asian markets in the field of big data and mobile marketing advertising platforms.
Arthur has also been actively involved in nurturing talent and elevating the industry's workforce. He serves as the Vice Chairman of the non-profit international association - iab Hong Kong, and has successfully connected with leading universities in Hong Kong, over 100 internet companies, and the digital departments of major enterprises. In September 2023, he successfully organized an AI Marketing Summit that brought together 800 Chinese and Western elite professionals within the industry. Recently, Arthur has once again challenged himself and established a consulting company called Snowball, specialize in assisting tech startups to grow and expand internationally. He aims to share his experience and expertise in a different format which can help even more startup companies.
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Organised by:
Department of Journalism and Communication, Hong Kong Shue Yan University



日期: 2023年12月5日 (星期二)
時間: 下午2:45-4:30
地點: 香港樹仁大學研究院綜合大樓RLG208





後來Arthur轉換跑道,09年成為中國香港新創iClick 愛點擊 ( ICLK : NASDAQ) 的早期成員,是亞洲互聯網營銷平台的先鋒,並在2014 年開始成為iClick香港區總經理。隨後Arthur 在2016 年轉戰大數據公司Vpon擔任集團COO,協助集團全球化,並在2020年疫情時刻成功協助公司於日韓取得 4000萬美金C 輪融資,在大數據和移動營銷廣告平台領域落地亞洲多個市場。

Arthur 同時積極協助行業培養新血和提升行業人力水準,在非牟利國際協會iab Hong Kong 中擔任副主席,成功對接香港各主流大學和100家以上的互聯網公司和各大企業的數位部門,並在2023 年9月成功舉辦了一場會集800位中西業內精英人仕的AI Marketing高峰會。最近Arthur 再一次挑戰自己,成立了專門協助Tech Startup成長並走向國際的顧問公司 Snowball,希望把自己的經驗和能力以另一種形式輸出給更多的新創公司。