Qualifications for Admission

1. HKDSE applicants must have attained:

  • English Language: Level 3 or above;
  • Chinese Language: Level 3 or above;
  • Mathematics: Level 2 or above;
  • Liberal studies: Level 2 or above; and
  • One elective subject : Level 2 or above.
Merits in Applied Learning subjects may be used for additional consideration.

2. Other qualifications:

  • Hong Kong Associate Degree / Higher Diploma Holders (of locally accredited programmes);
  • GCE and GCSE (2A3O); or
  • Other equivalent academic qualifications (subject to assessment by the University).

Procedures for Application

Address: Hong Kong Shue Yan University, 10 Wai Tsui Crescent, Braemar Hill Road, North Point, Hong Kong
Office Hours: 09:00am – 12:30pm and 2:00pm – 5:00pm  (Mondays to Fridays)
Website: www.hksyu.edu
Enquiries: 2570-7110 / admit@hksyu.edu


Stage I: Submission of Application

  1. Application forms may be obtained from Hong Kong Shue Yan University in PERSON ; and a numbered ticket with the designated form submission date and time will also be distributed at the same time.
  2. A completed application with an affixed photo should be supplemented with the following items:
    • HKID card (both original and copy);
    • A non-refundable application fee of HK$200 in cash;
    • Submission of proof of academic qualification.and together

      For HKDSE graduates:
      • HKDSE Examination Result Notice (in both original and copy);
      • School reports in Form 4 – 6 (in both original and copy).
      For Hong Kong Associate Degree / Higher Diploma graduates (of locally-accredited programmes):
      • Transcript of Associate Degree / Higher Diploma and an official letter of completion in both original and copy;
      • HKDSE Examination Result Notice (in both original and copy(if applicable);
      • Secondary School reports from Form 4 – 6/7 in both original and copy (if applicable).
      For GCE graduates:
      • GCE and GCSE results in both original and copy (if available);
      • High school grade reports in both original and copy.
  3. Applications must be submitted IN PERSON at the designated time/date. Late submission will not be considered.
  4. Application, supporting documents and fee submitted will not be returned.

Stage II: Interview

  • Suitable applicants will be invited to an interview within two weeks upon receipt of application.

Stage III: Admission

  • Admission results will be released online at http://fs4.hksyu.edu:8222. Successful candidates are required to follow the registration procedures stipulated in the acceptance letter which can also be downloaded from the above link.


  • Degree Programmes : HK$72,190 per year, to be paid in two installments.
  • Tuition fee once paid, is non-refundable.


  • Early applications do not receive special consideration. All applicants are assessed solely on the contents of their application and interview performance.
  • Hong Kong Shue Yan University reserves the right of final decision in admitting students to the University.
* For student financial assistance, please visit our website www.hksyu.edu/osa or contact our staff at OSA (Tel : 2806-5160 / 2806-5161)


1. 申請人必須在香港中學文憑考試中,考取下列成績:

  • 中國語文科 3 級或以上;
  • 英國語文科 3 級或以上;
  • 數學科 2 級或以上;
  • 通識教育科 2 級或以上;及
  • 另加一科選修科達2級或以上成績。

2. 其他學歷申請人:

  • 持有香港副學士 / 高級文憑畢業證書者,或
  • GCE及GCSE考獲2A3O,或
  • 其他同等學歷(須經大學審批認可)。


地址: 香港北角寶馬山慧翠道10號香港樹仁大學
辦公時間: 上午09:00至下午12:30及下午2:00至5:00 (星期一至五)
網址: www.hksyu.edu
查詢: 2570-7110 / admit@hksyu.edu


I) 遞交申請

  1. 申請人可親身前往本校索取報名表格。屆時,申請人將獲派發印有遞交申請表日期及時間的籌號。
  2. 填妥報名表格後,貼上近照,並附下列資料:
    • 身份証正副本;
    • 報名費現金港幣200元正;
    • 學歷證明:
      • 中學文憑試成績通知單正副本;
      • 校內中四至中六成績正副本。
      • 副學士畢業成績表及畢業證明信正副本;
      • 中學文憑試成績通知單正副本(如適用);
      • 中四至中六/中七校內成績表正副本(如適用)。
      • GCE及GCSE成績正副本(如有);
      • 高中成績表正副本。
  3. 申請人須按籌號上之時間/日期親身遞交申請表,逾期將不予處理。
  4. 所有遞交之文件及報名費,不論錄取與否,概不退還。

II: 面試甄選

  • 遞交申請後兩週內,合適的申請人將獲邀出席面試,作為評選程序的一部份。

III: 錄取入學

  • 錄取結果將於聯招結果公佈日或之前於 http://fs4.hksyu.edu:8222 內公佈。取錄者須下載通知書,並按指示辦理入學手續。


  • 學位課程:每年72,190元,分兩期繳交。
  • 學費一經繳交,概不退還。


  • 所有入學申請,沒有限額,亦非先到先得。
  • 錄取與否,本校有最終決定權。
* 有關學生資助申請,請瀏覽 www.hksyu.edu/osa 或聯絡學生事務處 (查詢電話:2806-5160 / 2086-5161)。